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Bespole real walnut veneer kitchen projects in London

Wood has long been the most popular and respected natural material for making furniture. It has significant advantages and undeniable advantages over all types of modern materials. You can easily order a custom walnut veneer kitchen at any time.

Unique properties of kitchens made of wood veneer

The modern built-in veneer kitchen made to measure by the manufacturer is highly appreciated by the consumer for its unique properties:

  • the ability to bring true nobility to any kitchen interior;
  • the presence of vitality and warmth in any product, transferred to it by the material itself;
  • no loss of general aesthetics of headset elements even with their aging;
  • duration of service in compliance with the rules of care and operation;
  • the possibility of restoration using inexpensive and accessible technologies;
    environmental friendliness;
  • a wide selection of design options for the facades of the kitchen.

But among so many positive points, tailor-made wooden furniture has disadvantages, which must be considered when choosing it. Knowing the nuances and rules of selecting elements from such material will minimize errors, providing any custom-made kitchen with beauty and a unique design.

How to choose a good kitchen made of wood veneer?

Sets or their elements made of solid wood are rarely used in modern built-in kitchen interiors. Bespoke kitchens made of walnut veneer offered by manufacturers mostly have only wooden facades. In other structure elements, less expensive materials, such as MDF, plywood, and chipboard with a laminate coating, are used.

The frame is represented by a composite façade structure based on glass, MDF, or chipboard covered with veneer, framed by a frame made of natural wood.
Thinking about the advantage of specific models, it is worth considering that the difference in headsets with a solid facade or its frame execution is only an aesthetic component. The price, strength, and valuable indicators are practically the same. Therefore, such furniture should be chosen based on the room’s existing style.
For modern minimalist styles, headsets with a continuous facade are best suited. They are distinguished by conciseness and emphasis on the natural aesthetic advantages of wood – texture, and shade. At the same time, the maintenance of such a facade is quite simple.

Traditional classic fitted veneer styles and original ones – such as shabby chic, art deco, country, and others are better than kitchens underwood, the facades of which are presented in a frame design. At the same time, the doors themselves can have different types of decorative designs.

Choice of facades

High labour costs and the requirement to use expensive technologies in producing facades from solid wood affect the pricing of products, making them very expensive. However, if you have sufficient finances, when choosing a kitchen set, you must consider the unpredictability of such elements under different operating conditions. This affects the choice of the manufacturer of such furniture. Despite solid wood furniture’s uniqueness, beauty, and other advantages, its manufacturer must be a proven manufacturer with popularity and a clean name. Turning to private artisans who offer rather sweet prices can later lead to significant problems due to their non-compliance with the rules and technology of the process. This will lead to the loss of the aesthetics of the headset and toss finances into the wind.

In the factory design, the door can be made of veneer, which has undergone high-quality drying. Such facades are made of shields based on several bars, which provide a high degree of wear resistance and significantly reduce the price of the finished kit.

You can easily choose a kitchen made of walnut veneer to order, which has all the main advantages, quality, and simplicity in design. Built-in furniture is characterized by high stability and durability, so it is chosen in the UK to optimize all user costs.

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