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Recently, analysts calculated that the average person spends about 18 years of his life in the kitchen. This includes time spent preparing or eating food, as well as time spent with family or friends. In addition, scientists have established that many people like to read a book or sit down with a laptop in the kitchen. This place in the house is a favourite for both work and relaxation, so creating an appropriate cosy atmosphere here is necessary.

The task of combining comfort and functionality will help to solve the correctly selected furniture set. Corner kitchens are a good option, trendy among buyers, and an excellent solution for modern apartments and houses. You can easily order L-shaped kitchens in the UK with minimal costs. The cost is determined individually depending on the complexity and other features of the project. You should consider all parameters to choose the best option according to your needs and other features.

Characteristics of bespoke L-shaped kitchens

The built-in L-shaped kitchen set is located along the adjacent walls, while its sides are perpendicular. This layout suits rooms of almost all shapes and sizes, except narrow and long spaces. In addition, the modern small L-shaped kitchen has the following advantages:

  • Rational use of space. Classic L-shaped models are capacious but, at the same time, do not take up much space. And saving space due to the use of a corner allows you to leave more free space for a rest area.
  • Ergonomics. There is an opportunity to create a kind of triangle from a stove, a sink, and a refrigerator with intermediate work surfaces. Such planning is convenient for homemakers because the cooking process is significantly simplified.
  • Zoning. It successfully divides the space into dining and working areas with the help of island or peninsula models. This option is excellent for large rooms and studio apartments. Bespoke corner kitchens are universal and aesthetic.

It is easy to choose a suitable kitchen for any interior style. But it is necessary to consider the details, calculate the dimensions and consider some planning features. Specialists will help you draw up a competent project for a specific room, for example, in the store where you will buy furniture made to measure.

Simple tips on arranging the space

If the tailor-made kitchen is small, choose the interior in light colours. Beige, grey, and white colours can be used as the main ones to expand the space visually. It is better to install modules with cabinets without accessories in narrow, small rooms. Retractable multi-tiered carousels fixed in the corner are ideal for storing dishes and other items. This placement of a modern L-shaped kitchen will make it possible to utilize and use the so-called dead zone as much as possible.

Install lighting in the kitchen at different levels. For example, ceiling lights plus lighting above work areas. For decorative purposes, you can also use a chandelier or lampshade. Horizontal stripes create the impression of a room stretching in width, and vertical lines visually extend the space in height. Designers believe the last option suits corner structures in fitted kitchens.

Use decorative elements for any chosen interior style. This will add zest and a bit of shine to the room’s interior. The angular design of the furniture set differs in functionality, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use. And if you are now thinking about arranging the kitchen, perhaps this option will be the optimal solution.

You can choose any decoration options for custom-made L-shaped kitchens that meet your needs. Order custom furniture designed individually to order. Each of the options differs in quality and reliability. Choose the best quality furniture in London and across the UK.

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