Fitted kitchens with bespoke islands

Tailor made kitchen islands

A kitchen island is an additional workplace. This is comfortable, beautiful, and original in a modern interior. With the help of the island, your kitchen will be transformed. It will become convenient for cooking and dining. You can choose any kitchen with a wood island in the UK. This is a beautiful built-in furniture set that meets all modern quality standards.

What is a kitchen island?

A compact set that does not depend on the main furniture, located in the center of the kitchen, is called an island. There are many options for a kitchen with islands, for example, when the kitchen island has a stove, sink, or cabinets.

The modern oak kitchen island is convenient because it creates a triangle. And all the furniture, such as the refrigerator, the cooking surface, and the sink, are opposite. The modern round island allows you to save the cook’s time and the ability to move freely around the kitchen. Any experienced homemaker can confirm that the kitchen has no extra work surface. If you do not cook on the modern galley island, you can use it as a bar counter or a table for breakfast and snacks. You can give up a large and bulky dining table. But you must provide space for your feet and place bar stools around the modern two-level island.

Different types of kitchen islands

You can choose various design options for the modern blue narrow kitchen island following all your requirements and needs:

  • Modern small kitchen island with seating. Convenient and functional retractable kitchen island in a small area. It can be placed anywhere, and it can be hidden in the kitchen set after cooking. Such a compact island is also suitable for a laminate table.
  • Mobile black, grey modern marble islands on wheels are also an exciting and functional current solution.
  • Bar counter-island. A modern one-wall red bar counter is usually combined with open shelves and closed drawers. Or they make two-level options when the work surface is lower, and the bar is higher. This modern freestanding option is a classic. It is always beautiful and attracts the attention of others.
  • Round or oval island. Such a modern t-shaped island is compact and safe. It has no corners, and if you have children in your house, an oval or round island is the best option. It does not look as powerful as rectangular or square.
  • A modern white wood walnut island in the form of a crescent moon. One of the convenient modern double-curved concrete kitchen islands is a set in the form of a crescent moon. Its outer part is used as a dining area, and the inner part is used as a working area.
  • Built-in kitchen island buffet. Plates, beautiful cups, and other modern granite luxury kitchen utensils can be compactly placed in the buffet. And the upper part of the sideboard will serve as a tabletop. It will be fantastic to choose a showcase u-shaped island where you can see tableware through the glass door. If the area of the room is large, it will be more convenient if the sideboard is opened in the direction of the front door.
  • Transformer. Choose a compact version of the transformer island. Classic tailor-made kitchens are equipped so that, if necessary, the edges of the table top fold or rise.

You can choose various made-to-measure options for arranging the space. A built-in kitchen island will be a good solution for any l-shaped ample modern kitchen space.

What is the convenience of the island?

The traditional island is a dividing element between zones. Several people can simultaneously cook and communicate with each other or guests. For example, you can easily relax in the living room while your favourite dish is prepared in the oven. You can approach the custom-made set from any side. With the island in the kitchen, you always have everything at hand.

On the island, you can place a stove, a sink, a hood, sockets for household appliances, hanging shelves, etc. Although a two-tier bespoke kitchen island is usually chosen for a large kitchen, there are also compact options for small spaces.

In addition to the fact that the kitchen island is functional, it also looks quite attractive. Different shapes, lighting, and original design will make the island a beautiful and stylish accent in your modern kitchen with a big island. A kitchen island will be a decoration for your home. It is practical, functional, and beautiful, all you need for a work surface. You can easily order the contemporary fitted furniture set.

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