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Choosing facades for the kitchen is a challenging task. This material aims to make it easier for you to select shows and tell about the technology of manufacturing facades for the sprayed kitchen. You can easily select the best options for sprayed kitchens made to measure in the UK.

The technology of manufacturing boards is several times more expensive than chipboard boards, which are made from shavings. Chipboard production takes place as follows. It is mixed with unique adhesive compounds and formed into panels under pressure. Shavings have different sizes, so the structure of the plate becomes heterogeneous. It is impossible to bend such vessels, and it is also forbidden to make fine processing of the material: because its edges will chip instantly.

Sprayed facades for the sprayed kitchen– production technology
The technology of manufacturing boards differs from the technology of manufacturing chipboard boards. The raw material is not shavings but sawdust. It is first steamed, then crushed, and mixed with special resins. The homogeneous mass is sent to drying, where the humidity of the slab is equalized, cyclones remove excess air, and forming machines compress the wood-fibrous mass into a carpet, which is then formed into slabs under presses. After cooling, they are subjected to grinding. This procedure allows you to level the thickness of the plate and remove all external defects. Thus, the basis for further decoration is ready.

Advantages of sprayed facades

Sprayed kitchens made to order are characterized by high-quality indicators and reliability by standard requirements. Among the main advantages, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • Today, the production of sprayed facades belongs to the category of environmentally safe. In the production process, paints and varnishes are used, which do not contain harmful components; therefore, the operation of the new kitchen will not harm human health.
  • Mixing different shades helps to create the most unusual colours.
  • The sprayed facade easily withstands the influence of high temperatures. It is not afraid of moisture. The paint penetrates deeply into the plate structure and reliably protects it from external adverse effects and factors.
  • The production of sprayed facades involves the application of a finishing lacquer coating. It resists minor mechanical influences, so such a facade is tough to damage.
  • You can paint a furniture facade of any shape (straight, radial, or even concave).
  • The painting method allows the restoration of old or damaged facades.

You can choose optimal models of built-in grey-sprayed kitchens distinguished by high quality. Among the main features of bespoke kitchens, it is also worth paying attention to the following:

  • Facades covered with paint cannot be cleaned with abrasives, stiff metal brushes, or brushes.
  • Under direct sunlight, any, even the most high-quality enamel, burns out. White facades may turn slightly yellow, and colored masks, on the contrary, lose their original brightness.
  • Facade painting technology is a complex technological process. Enamels (especially those with additional effects) are expensive, so furniture with sprayed facades is one of the most costly types of fitted furniture.

Tailor-made fitted furniture with sprayed facades, on which additional decor is manually applied, can be comparable in cost to kitchens made of solid wood.

The reason for the high cost of sprayed facades for the kitchen

With the help of paint, manufacturers create various effects on facades. The painting process of the custom-made kitchen can consist of 10 stages. The labour intensity and duration of the process, the need to use a large number of consumables, and the use of special tools and equipment that allows for proper drying of sprayed facades all determine the price policy of the product. You can easily order built-in sprayed kitchens on favourable terms with delivery in London.

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