Modern dark colour built in kitchens

Dark painted oak and dark grey sprayed MDF kitchens

Even though many people strive to achieve a bright interior in the room, such a concept as a dark kitchen is quite in demand when designing. And the point here is not in bad lighting but in the unique atmosphere possessed by a room of dark colours. You can easily choose a bespoke dark kitchen in the UK at great prices.

Dark colour kitchen design

When planning a renovation, everyone wants to achieve a harmonious combination of home comfort and functionality in any of the rooms. The price of the works must be acceptable. In addition, a modern dark wood kitchen should have an attractive appearance. The functionality of the kitchen space is achieved with the help of the correct arrangement of high-quality furniture and electrical appliances. In that case, cosiness and attractiveness depend on your chosen colour scheme and style.

The colour decision of the kitchen is an essential point because it is the colour that can influence the emotional state of a person. And it is thanks to different shades that it becomes possible to create a beautiful interior.

Design colour

Everything here, of course, depends on your preferences. However, a simple instruction also shows that light shades are the best choice for small kitchens. At the same time, you should not choose excessively bright tones, as they will tire you in the future.

A modern dark oak kitchen is an excellent solution for large rooms that must be given majesty and richness. Naturally, a spacious room can be light, but dark tones are unique, and such an interior will be much more original and cosy.

The main thing is to observe harmony when choosing shades, and if you are unsure that you can do it yourself, consult a professional designer.
Essential tips on how to choose the optimal solution for the dark modern kitchen interior:

  • Warm colours cause a person to be excited by their dynamics.
  • Cold – brings calmness and relaxation to the atmosphere.
  • Light tones in the interior are liveliness and dynamics.
  • Dark – corresponds to peace and pacification.

You can choose from various built-in dark blue modern options to optimize large spaces according to your needs and requirements.

Colour schemes

Let’s consider several exciting colour schemes for decorating the fitted kitchen made to measure. Design options for tailor-made dark rooms:

  • Black colour. When it comes to dark colours, black is the first that comes to mind. Its use in the kitchen interior is very effective in creating a unique style and atmosphere. For this purpose, you can use a combination dark top-white bottom.
  • Modern dark grey. In this case, the main characteristics of the interior are practicality and versatility. Spots, greasy marks, and scratches, the main problems of the modern housewife, are the least noticeable here. To make such a room less gloomy, you should use bright details, for example, white or light brown.
  • Purple – true sophistication and sophistication. Among other things, purple interiors are very stylish and modern. Perfectly combined with ocher and olive tones, which can add dynamics to the environment.
  • Dark green modern – life, harmony, and health. It awakens the brightest emotions in a person, and therefore it is often used in contemporary dark kitchens. Furniture and various accessories made in natural colours will look great in such a room.
  • Modern dark brown is still trendy these days. It can be found in many houses and apartments. Its demand is explained by the fact that brown often imitates the texture of wood and therefore has a rich and refined appearance.

As you can see, any colour scheme is suitable for a modern interior. If you want a stylish classic custom-made room, the white top-dark bottom will be an excellent option. In everything else, your imagination is not limited by anything, and you are free to create an interior as you like. These days there are no frameworks or stereotypes because of as many designers – and as many opinions. You can choose any custom built-in kitchens that suit your needs.

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