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Bespoke handleless kitchen projects London

Handleless kitchens have recently become popular. They have an unusual appearance and an exciting layout by all standard requirements and needs. You can easily design custom handleless kitchens UK to suit your space.

Reasons for using bespoke handleless kitchens

Fitted kitchens without handles have many exciting features in decoration. Among the main reasons for popularity are the following:

  • The principle of minimalism in the interior is gaining more and more positions.
  • Ease of use.
  • The absence of handles fits perfectly into the extensive list of design developments of kitchen sets.
  • This is partly a tribute to fashion.

There are still some very significant moments in the realities of our country. In small-sized bespoke kitchens, there are often cases when the handles of the facades touch each other when opening the door.

The most common options for kitchens without handles

A tailor-made kitchen without handles looks very stylish. It is perceived as much more interesting than its standard counterparts. Facades with a built-in opening mechanism are incredibly convenient, but they also have some features that should be taken into account during use:

  • Push-open and tip-on mechanisms allow lockers to open with slight pressure. These opening systems are manufactured with utmost care and are pretty reliable. Their work is based on the action of a spring with magnetic tips installed on it.
  • Electric systems are also noticeable among the offers of opening systems. Its mechanism is based on a power supply unit and many drives installed on several modules.
  • Smart open. The latest technologies use gadgets to respond to a sound signal or control. This option is very innovative to enter the immediate realities firmly. This applies not only to the principle itself but even to the materials used to make furniture.

It is often tempered glass, which will perfectly fit into the hi-tech or minimalist style. However, using such a specific material product is quite limited, so it will not be suitable for other design developments of kitchen furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages

How easy it is to use kitchen furniture without handles made to measure is an ambiguous answer. On the one hand, it is very stylish, convenient for small apartments, modern, and innovative. The drawer can be pushed out with one light touch, making it more convenient and accessible for the hostess to work in the kitchen.

But on the other hand, the user of custom-made kitchen furniture without handles has several difficult-to-solve problems.

  • Firstly, the facades of the headset will quickly get dirty from regular contact. This means there is a need for regular cleaning, which increases labor costs in the kitchen. Or the second option – the facades will be polluted, which means that all the design advantages of the interior will be reduced to zero.
  • Secondly, even though these systems are produced by reliable manufacturers with a world name, nothing is safe from failure. And here comes the difficult moment of repairing or replacing mechanisms. And taking into account the fact that there are no severe domestic manufacturers of these systems in our country yet, some force majeure will arise.
  • Thirdly, the intelligent system in the kitchen can work quite ambiguously. The innovative design does not the best option for the kitchen. This is not to mention that it is costly.
  • Fourthly, all drawers and doors of furniture should be leveled almost perfectly because the slightest sagging of the facade or the slightest skew will have an unfortunate effect on the operation of the mechanism.
  • Fifth, most system elements are susceptible to the load they experience. It is vital to control box filling strictly.

You can easily use a variety of built-in handles in kitchens designed in a modern style, allowing you to implement tasks of any complexity quickly. Use current planning that will enable you to optimize your home space.

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