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A relatively rare and unusual shaker style has been used in Great Britain for many years, distinguished by an exciting design. You can always familiarize yourself with the various options for arranging shaker kitchens to order, which differ in their functional features and characteristics. In Great Britain, you will find multiple options for designing facades at affordable prices. Designers will help develop the modern shaker kitchen interior on your financial capabilities and wishes, so everything should be fine in the design process.

Shaker kitchen is an actual business card in a modern style

Shakers are a religious community that arose in England in the middle of the 18th century. People who refer to this religion can be recognized for their modesty, hard work, simplicity of things around them, and love for natural products.

The Shakers created simple and very comfortable furniture when the whole of Great Britain in the 18th century surrounded itself with refinements, elaborate decorative elements, gilding, and interesting carvings. Simplicity, rigor, and minimalism have become the main elements of the modern white shaker style since then and to this day. Bright colors and glass facades are not welcome in this style. The maximally simplified interior, in which there is a place only for practical things.

Creating a shaker-style kitchen interior

The traditional shaker style for the kitchen looks very unusual and modern, so it allows you to optimize the space for the tasks of each resident. Among the main recommendations on how to better equip a built-in kitchen in the shaker style, the following are highlighted:

  • All kitchen facades should have rectangular frames without glass and windows. Modern versions allow glass but with jumpers.
  • A large number of cabinets and shelves for storing products in the kitchen made to measure is welcome. The more bulky the closet is, the closer you are to the origins of the shaker style.
  • The color scheme should stick to neutral or pastel shades. If you still want a colorful kitchen, choose the muted blue color of the facades in the bespoke kitchen.
  • Simplicity in everything also applies to the choice of material. In the 18th century, there was no plastic or acrylic, and kitchens were made of natural wood. In the modern world, natural wood hardly belongs to simple and cheap materials, so it is possible to use MDF with subsequent painting in the chosen color.
  • When choosing accessories, remember convenience, but do not forget about brevity. The best choice of handles is cup handles or buttons. They are convenient to hold, but outwardly they will not affect the appearance of the facades in any way.
  • Modern grey shaker furniture in the room should correspond to the general concept. Choose comfortable chairs made of rattan or simple wooden stools with a cross for the legs. It is possible to use massive wooden chairs with a back but without carved legs and armrests. Maximum straight lines and no frills.

Textiles should be natural, preferably cotton curtains in light colors or roller blinds with a simple pattern. You can put pillows on the chair, but they should be plain to match the general style.

You can use all the recommendations to decorate the kitchen in shaker style with minimal costs. Designers are ready to help create a custom-made modern oak shaker kitchen, considering each owner’s individual wishes.

If you think the shaker style limits your choosing colors and materials for your future tailor-made kitchen, select another type. A fitted shaker kitchen will decorate the house where simplicity, straight lines, and light colors are loved. Absolute minimalism in true English style. Place your order for the shaker kitchen now with delivery throughout the UK.

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