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The classic style is the only one that has always maintained its individuality and popularity. Fashion changes, years pass, and new technologies and trends in design regularly appear. Still, classic kitchens in the UK not only remain popular but also manage to adapt quickly to today’s realities. Such headsets are now more relaxed. They can include a broad palette of colours and borrow individual elements from other styles. You can choose the optimal built-in classic kitchens for your space, which meets all legal needs and requirements. A wide range of designs, a pleasant price, and an optimal ratio of price and quality make it possible for everyone to get favourable conditions for the further arrangement of the premises.

Features and advantages of classic cuisine. Looking at photos of classical kitchens, you can easily find the main distinguishing features of tailor-made spaces:

  • a large number of wooden textures;
  • predominance of white, brown, and beige colours;
  • strict and elegant lines;
  • high-quality materials;
  • the presence of traditional decorations for the classical style in gilding, wood carving, mother-of-pearl, bronze, etc.

Classic black-and-white spaces never get old and always retain their relevance and individuality. At the same time, such premises will be able to emphasize their owner’s refined and sophisticated taste in an additional way. Due to this, the eternal classic is considered both a simple and rational solution, which helps to include such vital properties as coziness, practicality, and a subtle sense of style. Built-in kitchen furniture in the UK made to measure is very popular among customers, so they are chosen for their beauty, functionality, and high quality compared to similar solutions.

Classic kitchen design

Classic kitchen design is rightfully considered the golden mean, which excludes cold, high-tech, and minimalism but disapproves of the elegant arrogance of the empire. In addition, classic spaces are characterized by tremendous variability in design possibilities. For example, black, white, grey, blue, or cream furniture samples will be able to successfully emphasize the owner’s desire to be distinguished by rationality and conciseness. Due to high-quality wood, you can achieve a feeling of solemnity and luxury.

There are only two critical requirements for arranging a classic fitted kitchen – good lighting and space. To achieve a stylish effect of a bespoke oak wooden kitchen, it is not necessary to break up the interior of the room with the help of small details because the formed traditions tell us about respectability, restraint, and dignity. The following elements will be pretty appropriate decor items:

  • plaster cornices;
  • several small or one large mirror;
  • gilded figurines or surfaces;
  • active use of textiles (silk, viscose, satin, brocade, etc.).

After carefully examining the photos of classic small kitchens, you can make sure that among the most common options are light colors complemented by wood. Deep and rich tones can only be used as accents. Otherwise, the space will lose comfort and become too heavy.

Instead of light curtains, using colorful curtains with different draperies is more convenient. At the same time, remember the importance of adequately organized lighting. Only natural light can guarantee high-quality color transfer. In the evening, you can use a classic chandelier or lamp.

Classic kitchens in London are a good option for anyone who wants to use modern built-in furniture which perfectly complements the overall design. Luxury custom-made furniture is characterized by high quality, reliability, and pleasant design. Choose only the best custom solutions. Designers will help to create a unique classic style in your home with minimal expenses for you and your family.

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