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The kitchen is where the hostess spends most of her time, where all family members gather daily for a joint dinner. The mood of all household members depends on how she looks. A kitchen decorated in a beautiful modern style will be a real highlight of the entire home. To achieve such an effect, it is enough to choose a luxurious furniture set that will demonstrate the high status and wealth of the people living in the house. Luxury kitchens are not just furniture. They are a unique style that expresses the significance and authority of the owners. You can easily choose bespoke luxury kitchens in London at a minimal cost. All modern luxury furniture meets standard requirements and needs, which allows us to implement tasks of any complexity.

Differences between ordinary and VIP luxury kitchens

How does an elite kitchen differ from an ordinary one, not considering the sky-high price? – such a question is asked by many buyers who are faced with buying kitchen furniture. Prestige class kitchens are, first of all, first-class quality, as well as individual design. Many mistakenly believe that the furniture of the elite class is necessarily an old classic, decorated with all kinds of luxurious statues, carvings, and moldings, but this is not so. Custom-made kitchens of the highest rank come in completely different styles, so they harmoniously complement the interior of any stylistic direction. High-tech, modern, minimalism, Provence or country – it does not matter because the main distinguishing feature of such furniture is its unique quality.

Elite kitchens made to measure have three features:

  • Material. High-class kitchens are made of the most expensive material – natural wood, distinguished by durability and environmental friendliness, aesthetics, and practicality. A more suitable material for making furniture for the home can hardly be found. Natural solid wood creates a feeling of home cosiness, comfort, and warmth. Such furniture does not obey fashion trends. They are out of their existence. This is a classic, a standard of noble taste and wealth. The most commonly used wood is alder, ash, or oak. Tailor-made kitchens made of white wood are considered the most popular. The white color perfectly complements the interior in country, Provence, art deco, minimalism, or even hi-tech style.
  • Furniture. Any luxury traditional kitchen set is equipped with many additional components. Mechanisms for opening doors and extending built-in drawers, hinges, closers, cargo, and other tools are necessary to operate furniture comfortably. It is difficult to deny that the functional properties of the headset, its wear resistance, and durability depend on the quality of the accessories. The higher the quality of the components, the longer your fitted kitchen will live with regular use.
  • Individual style. Many experts in the field of interior design are working on creating a premium-class kitchen set. The joint work of professional artists, stylists, and designers makes a unique kitchen design that demonstrates the entire room’s high status and lush nobility. Hand carving, inlaying with natural stones, and hammering are kitchens’ most popular design elements. The tabletop of the luxury class is exclusively made of natural stone, and the table and chairs are made of natural wood, often covered with leather. All this creates an atmosphere of wealth, prosperity, and splendour.

Classic luxury kitchen sets are mainly made to order, that is, taking into account the individual dimensions of the room. Buyers ready to pay for luxury strive for perfection and flawlessness, so they prefer furniture that strictly corresponds to their design idea. The buyer gets comfort, functionality, ergonomics, and an exclusive design by ordering a contemporary luxury kitchen according to individual dimensions.

Selection of luxury furniture for the kitchen

Expensive floor covering, appropriate design of walls and ceiling, original lighting system – all this will help to complete the image, making your kitchen a decoration of the whole house. You can use built-in luxury kitchens in the UK for your space to implement exciting projects to optimize your own life.

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