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Lacquered MDF fully bespoke kitchens

Matt painted surfaces have become an unequivocal design trend and an integral element of many interior styles – Scandinavian, classic, country, etc. Calm shades and pleasant tactile sensations create a homely, warm atmosphere. But, of course, the practicality of materials and ease of maintenance come to the fore in the kitchen. You can choose matt sprayed kitchens made to measure to order in Great Britain at the most favorable prices.

What are matte facades for the kitchen made of?

Let’s start by getting acquainted with the most common materials used in furniture production. They differ in price, operational and aesthetic characteristics. The following are among the most popular materials:

  • Chipboard The most affordable solution is laminated chipboard. In addition to the pleasant price, it is easy to process and care for. Although the laminate seals the plate, its vulnerability to moisture is considered its main disadvantage. When buying, be sure to pay attention to the marking of the material: it must have increased moisture resistance. A high-quality edge guarantees additional protection. Another critical point is the formaldehyde emission class. Today, chipboards with E0 class (practically zero emission) are on the market. Light and robust facades are made of chipboard in an aluminum profile. The metal frame fixes the filling and protects it from mechanical damage and moisture. A door with a laconic design will be an excellent solution for minimalism and a hi-tech modern matte black kitchen.
  • MDF. The board’s structure is denser and more homogeneous than the chipboard’s. Accordingly, facades based on MDF are more resistant to external factors: moisture, deformation, temperature changes, etc. They come with a painted, film, and acrylic coating, with or without a pattern. In addition, MDF is used for the production of veneered facades. The base is covered with natural veneer – a thin slice of wood that fully preserves the unique color and pattern of the wood. Then you can apply a matte or semi-matte varnish to it. Also, varnish must be applied over paint or stain. The interior with veneered materials is cozy, and the lack of artificial shine only enhances this feeling.
  • Massif. Natural wood in a tailor-made kitchen is the most expensive but ecological option. These solid and elegant facades will last a long time. It is already noted how harmonious the combination of wood texture and the silky matte finish will be. Products can be painted in the desired color or preserve the natural wood pattern.

You can choose from various built-in custom-made matte kitchen options that will complement your space with minimal risk to your wallet.

Matt painted kitchens: advantages and disadvantages

Everything is known by comparison, so first, you will find out which kitchen is better – glossy or matte. Many of the listed differences are pretty conditional. Remember that a bespoke matte or glossy kitchen should match the area, the amount of light, and the design idea.

Advantages of a fitted matt kitchen:

  • Practicality and resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Dirt and fingerprints are less noticeable. Glossy coatings must be washed more often than the matte surface of the kitchen.
  • No glare and, as a result, fewer difficulties in organizing lighting.
  • Resistance of decorations to burning, the possibility of use on the sunny side.
  • A large assortment of materials for the base and face.
  • Elegant appearance and pleasant tactile sensations.
  • Coatings are constantly being improved, and many disadvantages are no longer significant. Thanks to the easy-to-clean technology, they are easily cleaned of dirt.

How to care for a matt kitchen?

Kitchens with matte facades and an elegant and non-trivial design will delight you with their practicality. They look best in a calm, deep colors. The characters do not burn out in the sun, do not reflect glare, and, with proper use, retain an attractive appearance for many years. Before ordering facades, read the reviews, evaluate the size of the room and its lighting, and consider the option with the original combined headset. Choose a variety of options for built-in matte kitchens to order, which meet all standards of quality and reliability.

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