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For many years now, grey has been among the most popular colour solutions for the kitchen. Designers’ love for this neutral colour is explained by its universal use. Grey kitchen design is combined with any interior and style. You can easily order a modern grey kitchen with minimal costs to optimize the space.

There are many shades of grey. Classic, modern, loft or country kitchen, Provence or hi-tech – all these styles are perfectly combined with modern black and grey colour, especially if it is combined with other colours such as white, red, green, blue, yellow, etc. Our designers can quickly and easily design a kitchen in grey, made to measure for any taste and wallet size.

Pros and cons of grey in the kitchen

Before deciding to use a gray shade in the bespoke modern grey gloss kitchen, it is necessary to learn more information about the combination of gray color with other colors, how gray color affects the mood and atmosphere in the kitchen, consider all the pros and cons from the point of view of designers, etc.

Advantages of contemporary grey color in fitted kitchen design:

The classic grey colour is considered neutral, as it does not irritate the eyes and even calms a little when staying in the room for a long time. And for designers, modern grey colour is an excellent background for creations, and bright accessories and furniture look great on a grey background.

All shades of light grey modern colour are efficient, and unlike a white kitchen, you will not have to clean and clean the surface very often.

The grey-sprayed palette is always relevant. This colour will not get boring after many years. It is easy to dilute the boring atmosphere with the help of decor, for example, beautiful dishes, bright pillows, or new curtains. Grey shades always look respectable, noble, and modern.

The modern grey and marble palette can be used when decorating a kitchen of any size. Your modern pink and grey kitchen will be stylish and attractive regardless of the style of the interior. Therefore, as grey is a universal colour, it suits different types. You can easily use built-in grey tailor-made kitchens with minimal costs. You can easily order optimal light grey traditional furniture in the UK.

A grey palette for the kitchen island

To create a harmonious and beautiful interior in the traditional grey and white kitchen, our experts recommend decorating the walls with light colours and emphasizing interior elements such as the island, cabinets, floor, wall panels, shelves, tables, or chairs with dark colours. It will be beautiful to use grey brick, mosaic, tile, laminate, linoleum, etc., in the modern grey and white kitchen as wall or floor decoration.

Combination of grey with other colours

Gray, like other colours, has many shades. But not every specialist can design a kitchen exclusively in grey tones. Firstly, it will not be beautiful, and secondly, it isn’t easy. It will be more interesting to combine the grey colour with other shades. This way, you can make the modern grey and wood kitchen more organic and contemporary.

For those who decide to decorate a small grey modern kitchen for the first time, you can suggest diluting the dull colour with a shade of white. Such a solution will be safe and practical at the same time. The modern red and grey furniture set looks good against the snow-white walls. You will not surprise anyone with such a modern grey and gold combination, but you will create a design that will be relevant for many years.

Everyone knows that modern blue and grey colours are ideal for creating bright accents. For an accent spot, you can use almost any colour you like. Versatility is one of the advantages of the grey colour. Designers want to use it in the modern orange and grey kitchen, the hallway, the bedroom, and even the children’s room. Those who need more confidence in their ability to combine colours and place accents in the kitchen harmoniously are advised to choose only one detail and emphasize it. A bright accent in the modern grey-shaker kitchen can be a stove, table, refrigerator, etc.

There is another option to dilute the modern dark grey and brown kitchen with paints. It is cheaper and more straightforward. And this is the use of textiles. Beautiful curtains, pillows, plain or bright fabric blinds, a tablecloth that matches the style – any way of using fabrics and prints is suitable for creating a colour accent. Changing the upholstery on mini armchairs or dining chairs in the modern matt grey dining area will also look impressive.

A custom-made kitchen in grey tones is suitable for any room. In such a kitchen, it is easy to change the interior, you can constantly add accessories, dishes, and various details, and the kitchen will look new every time. You can easily order a built-in gray kitchen to transform your space and optimize it for your needs.

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