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An excess of information leads to nervousness and cultivates a feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself. Constantly running away to change the image is too expensive an option, but only sometimes likely in time.

Modern style in the interior is about realizing yourself with the help of original compositional solutions, functional space, and concise beauty. Your home becomes the very resourceful place of dreams, where every detail is checked and creates a complete ensemble, where the spirit of freedom, an atmosphere of lightness and cosiness reigns. Modern kitchens in London are a beautiful and contemporary choice for those who like experimenting with different looks.

Style characteristics. High quality, glamorous materials, and a bright appearance distinguish modern small l shaped, u-shaped kitchens. Characteristic features of the contemporary style in the interior:

  • A large number of grey and wood small shaker wooden elements. Facing materials, furniture, and decor are mainly made of hardwood. Minimal processing only emphasizes their texture. So, the varnish is preferred instead of a light painting of surfaces. For example, you can use enamel.
  • Spirit of nature with solid light dark oak shaker. Modern cream gloss kitchen is inspired by nature and its original beauty, so floral and animal prints fit organically into the interior. Natural shades of dark and light wood finishing materials confirm the desire for everything natural. Flowers, plants, butterflies, and bugs are depicted in paintings, textiles, and wallpapers, and the elegance of natural forms is embodied in solid teak natural wood and metal.
  • Love for stained glass windows. The presence of stained glass windows is a business card of style. It can be a metal frame filled with colourful glass elements. Plant themes and feminine images find themselves in the design of the ceiling, windows, decor elements, and furniture facades. Interiors with artificially lit stained glass windows look even more unusual and compelling.
  • Naturalness of materials. The preciousness of the style is due to the use of natural materials. Valuable species of wood are used for finishing floors and walls and making interior items. Coloured matt dark grey gloss glass – for stained glass windows, partitions, and lamps. Luxury concrete textiles – for upholstering soft furniture, decorative pillows, and curtains. Wrought metal – for handrails, table legs, and stools.
  • Camera dark blue and grey, brown, and green lighting. Muted and soft light, which creates an atmosphere of coziness and romance, is characteristic of modern. The central lighting is a massive chandelier, as an addition – black and oak table and floor lamps, candelabras, and wall sconces. Hidden lighting is also appropriate in modern. Large arched windows complete the integrity of the interior.
  • Discreet design. Modern love spacious rooms that can be zoned. The interior design clearly shows the spirit of minimalism (there is no quantitative chaos when decorating and furnishing), combined with the functionality and accuracy of every detail. The originality of the white, cream, and wood small shaker interior is highlighted by furniture of an unusual shape, antiques, non-standard vases, paintings in elegant frames, metal statuettes, and stained-glass lamps.

You can order any built-in modern kitchen in the UK at great prices with minimal cost to you and your wallet.

Modern geometry in the interior. Among other styles, modern stands out for its rebellious character. He does not perceive ostentatious severity, total alignment, obedience to straight lines, and precise symmetry. Like nature’s smooth and soft contours, the stylish blue and white gloss is genuine and unique. Distinctive features of the style are the fluidity of lines, roundness, asymmetry, and plasticity of forms without clearly defined angles. In the interior, this is realized in bas-reliefs on the walls, elegant arched black gloss door and window openings, smooth curves of stairs and their elements, carved details, and patterns on wallpaper and textiles. In the room’s white and gold, gray, oak rustic design, the main thing is not the search for a central axis but the harmonious combination of all details and the spirit of nature itself.

Color palette. The range of black, cream, and walnut shades for the interior in the modern style is set by nature itself, namely its accurate and calm tones. Here, everything is sharpened for naturalness.

The main compositional rules are that one light grey and marble gold color is acceptable for the main background, and a shade that is in harmony with it is chosen as an additional matte black and gold color. Bright and saturated colors are used exclusively as contrasting accents. A harmonious ensemble of all colors makes the interior calm and balanced, in case of too bright accents – emotional and dynamic.

The color palette in the modern style long fitted bespoke kitchens is:

  • all shades of brown – light and dark tones of natural black and wood;
  • beige, peach, cream, and black, white – dominant shades;
  • dark, lime, mint, olive, sage green, wine, grey, light navy blue, and gold – relevant for decor items;
  • fuchsia, yellow, and red rustic – used as color accents;
  • black and grey – the color of the gloomy sky, stones, and road dust;
  • black and copper – a shade of natural stones and iron.

Gentle pink and, blue, yellow pastel tones are used to visually enlarge the room, add light and emphasize the smoothness of the lines, while dark shades are better used in large spaces with good lighting or as one accent wall. When choosing a palette, it is vital to observe a color balance not to make the interior too colorful and daring.

Modern style kitchen and options for its design. The large curved modern Victorian style is ideal for a spacious kitchen. Otherwise, it can be implemented with the help of cream, pink, red, orange, and grey decor elements. Functionality is a characteristic feature of the style, reflected in the presence of the necessary household appliances in combination with an ideal storage system. When choosing small beige accessories, you should remember minimalism (porcelain dishes, cloth napkins, stylized kitchen utensils, vases with flowers). A prominent role in navy small green galley rustic lighting belongs to the chandelier, and spotlighting zones the space and creates cosiness.

A new built-in kitchen set with a laconic design occupies a key place in the kitchen. The facades and tabletop are responsible for its texture. The first ones are mostly perfectly high gloss, except for wooden shows. Natural stone or a more budget-friendly artificial stone is used for the tabletop. The custom-made kitchen apron is usually made of glass. Black and brown tailor-made kitchens with accent elements look stylish. The compact dining area made to measure is represented by a massive table of any shape (round, oval, rectangular), with chairs of a simple design.

Choose black and white ceramic bright light brown granite, parquet, and tiles for the floor; for walls – plain wallpaper or paint in muted tones; the ceiling is leveled and covered with paint; stucco is allowed.
The interior of the modern black granite marble kitchens in the UK should not be overloaded with unnecessary details. It should be made as comfortable as possible for relaxation and pleasant cooking.

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