Victorian style bespoke kitchens in London

Traditional Victorian custom made kitchens

Today, there are many styles and options for decorating the premises. It can be bold, avant-garde, strict classicism, whimsical baroque, modern hi-tech, and light Scandinavian style. High-quality and stylish designs characterize Victorian kitchens in the UK. You can choose any model of Victorian tailors to order at favourable prices.

A selection of Victorian style kitchens

Lovers of luxurious historical design will appreciate the decoration of the built-in bespoke kitchen in the Victorian style. This style is distinguished by its claim to a rich, spacious setting with massive wooden furniture, a chic chandelier, and heavy decorations.

It should be noted that this tailor-made kitchen design option is unsuitable for a small-sized room. Using the Victorian kitchen to arrange a spacious fitted dining room in a country house with high ceilings is better.

Features of style

This style had reached us through the years since the 19th century when Queen Victoria sat on the throne in England. This era played a significant role in the industrial development of the country, which made it possible for the owners of the primary means of public industry to get rich quickly. People of the ruling class began to build expensive houses, furnishing them with elegant furniture and decorating them with valuable decorations.

Style in the design of the kitchen

The modern design of the fitted kitchen in the Victorian style requires a space with antique furniture or a modern one but with an antique covering. And also decorating the room with antique objects, finishing with expensive and high-quality materials. Among the main features of the built-in Victorian kitchens are the following:

  • The walls in the kitchen in this style should be pasted over with water-repellent wallpaper embossed with an ornament. As a rule, this is an image of flora and fauna.
  • There can also be wallpaper in an extensive check or stripe. The walls are separated by horizontal wood trim with picturesque carvings, the colour of which harmonizes with the interior doors.
  • In the interior of the Victorian kitchen made to measure, the interweaving of other styles is permissible. For example, Gothic can be expressed through stained glass or a particular arch.
  • As for the colour scheme, it is a predominance of beige and red-brown tones.
  • Ceramic tiles are suitable for finishing the work area, and the accent wall can be covered with artificial stone.
  • However, using plastic panels or polystyrene plates is inappropriate in this style. Plastering the surface and painting it in the desired colour is better.
  • Furniture for the modern Victorian kitchen plays a primary role. As a rule, this is a set of natural wood seasoned with artistic carving.

Only the presence of household appliances can break the spirit of the historical direction. Therefore, it is better to hide it behind the doors of lockers. To cover the desktop, marble or its visual analogy is best. Hanging shelves can be opened or closed with glass.

A heavy dining table will revive the spirit of the era of Queen Victoria in the kitchen arrangement with massive carved legs, around which chairs with high backs are arranged. The Victorian kitchen decor can be beautiful plates on shelves, glass vessels with spices, silver candelabra or single candlesticks, panels, or pictures framed by a wide frame with a pattern.
A chandelier in this style serves not only to illuminate the room but also to decorate it. It can be an overall low lamp in several rows, with metal and crystal elements or wood and glass.

You can choose different options of custom-made kitchens from the catalog or plan an individual solution for designing a modern, stylish space. A wide variety of opportunities are available in the UK to help you optimize your spending.

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