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If the time has come to restore the kitchen or you are talking about a thorough repair, when you want to refresh the interior, you should pay attention to the use of green. According to psychologists, the colour green is considered beneficial, positively affects the state of mind, and relieves stress and fatigue. A green kitchen helps to adjust to the new day at breakfast and relax after work at dinner, even if the weather outside the window is gloomy. You can easily order a built-in green kitchen in the UK on favourable terms with minimal risks.

The main advantages of a kitchen interior in green

A small modern green kitchen tone evokes associations with spring and summer when nature is filled with fresh green colour. Such an interior always looks juicy and positively affects the mood of people in the room.

Shades of green are most often found in nature. The green colour in the kitchen interior will be associated with a lawn. However, when arranging the traditional green kitchen, it should be considered that the green colour is distinguished by many shades – from light to dark or even bright neon. At the same time, each shade can cause different associations:

  • Dark green – the colour of stability, and conservative views, correlates with reliability and thoroughness.
  • Light green is a light shade that evokes a sense of carefreeness and romanticism.
  • Pale green is a calm tone that creates a feeling of peace in the kitchen.
  • Bright green – the color of youth, associated with fun and optimism, causes a desire to experiment.

The design of the tailor-made kitchen in green tones must be supplemented with potted plants that organically fit into the overall interior. It is better to choose something other than conspicuous pots for this, which will stand out and create a bright spot. They should be harmoniously combined with the color of kitchen facades.

Various original options for the design of a green kitchen

To create a modern green kitchen design and not oversaturate the interior, it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of the colour of the walls and furniture and choose the suitable tiles and dishes. Various green tones allow you to select a combination, making the kitchen unique.

A bright modern lime green kitchen pleases, does not strain the eyes, and has a positive effect on a person’s mental state. The main requirement is to observe restraint and not overdo it using colourful tones, which can act annoyingly. The sage green modern colour is advised to be used with special care, carefully selecting details and limiting their number to reasonable limits.

A bespoke dark green modern kitchen looks good in a bright room with much natural light. The predominance of dark colours in a small room will make it visually smaller, and the room may look gloomy. The dark modern olive green colour in large quantities can depress the mood. If the modern mint green kitchen is spacious and shades are chosen for its design, you should only place a few bright accessories because they will look inappropriate. Such an interior requires strictness and manners and is considered a conservative option.

How to properly design the interior of a salad colour kitchen? The contemporary green salad kitchen, which creates a feeling of spring in the house all year round, is always full of freshness and energy. If you choose gentle and dim options of light green, the room will look calm and carefree. Juicy, rich lime, on the contrary, will invigorate and encourage active actions.

Lime green can often be seen in modern kitchens made to measure. The classics rarely use the limescale, so how to fit such a bright accent into such an interior is not considered possible. You can easily order a fitted custom-made green kitchen in London for your space.

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