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Fitted U-shapped kitchen projects in London

U-shaped kitchens are becoming more and more popular for interior design. The main feature is that three walls of the room are used to install the headset and household appliances. You can choose different options for decorating a U-shaped kitchen with minimal costs. You can easily order custom furniture in the UK.

The main design options for U-shaped kitchens

As with other options for placing furniture in the kitchen, you need to start with careful planning. If three walls are involved, a window will be on one of them. Or windows if the modern U-shaped kitchen is spacious enough. Designers advise starting from the window opening. You won’t hang the upper row of cabinets here, and you’ll have to somehow play around with the window sills. If you have a kitchen in a niche without a window, you can use all the walls fully.

The refrigerator is most often placed at the entrance to the kitchen and made to measure so that it does not visually break up a row of cabinets and a work surface, which is desirable to make continuous. As an option, column cabinets are installed along one of the walls, with no windows, to the ceiling, where all large household appliances are hidden, including a built-in refrigerator.

The main advantages of U-shape kitchen planning

Sometimes the built-in custom-made U-shaped planning of the kitchen set is achieved thanks to the peninsula. This is a standard option for kitchens connected to dining or living rooms.

The advantages of built-in U-shaped kitchens are the following:

  • Many storage places, and cabinets everywhere, almost around the entire perimeter of the room.
  • There is also as much work surface as possible, even if three people cook.
  • There is one entrance, no through traffic, and the room is cosy and intimate.
  • You can achieve a symmetrical furniture arrangement to make the kitchen more attractive.
  • Correct ergonomics is ensured, as you must only move inside the U-shaped kitchen.
  • Places are provided for all necessary household appliances.
  • You can beautifully beat the window and cook while admiring the garden or the cityscape.
  • You can quickly and beautifully zone the space of the kitchen-dining room or living room, thanks to the peninsula.
  • This layout is suitable for spacious kitchens with approximately equal lengths of walls and for narrow, elongated ones.

At the same time, it is worth understanding that not all furniture can meet your expectations. There are some main features of tailor-made U-shaped kitchens:

  • They are initially more expensive. There are more wardrobes and drawers than corner units and even more in single-line headsets. The tabletop also needs a lot, and this is a significant part of the costs. Therefore, such a headset will cost a lot.
  • If the bespoke kitchen is small and three walls are occupied by furniture, then only one person can cook there. The second may not fit. And it will be problematic to open the cabinet doors if someone else is in the room.

Two corners are involved. Unique storage systems are needed in them, carousels or lemans blocks. Otherwise, it will be problematic to get something out of the corner. At the same time, unique retractable storage systems will also add value to the kitchen. They are expensive. The room must be spacious to install an island in the centre of a modern small U-shaped kitchen. This is the prerogative of private houses. The owners like to cook and decided to make a kitchen like a restaurant.

U-shaped kitchens are an option that will always stay in fashion. You can arrange a very functional, comfortable space and get space for arranging furniture and appliances. Such plans are flexible and diverse but be prepared for additional costs. You can choose any fitted U-shaped kitchen furniture UK to furnish the room.

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