Classic and Modern Blue Fitted Kitchens

Dark Blue and light blue made to measure kitchens in London

Blue kitchens are a sign of the excellent design taste of the house’s owners and their restraint and calmness. In nature, blue and blue tones are found quite often.

Therefore, subconsciously, every person likes them. Ordinary people and designers appreciate blue because it can make dull, monotonous interiors brighter and brighter. However, there are several nuances of using shades in the kitchen’s interior. You can easily choose built-in blue kitchens made to measure to organize your home space in the UK at a minimal cost to you and your family.

Features of blue colour in the kitchen

It is difficult to note all the features of a tailor-made blue or blue kitchen. The traditional blue colour’s key features involve applying several basic rules designed to turn a dull grey room into an accurate fairy tale.

The effect on the psyche and mood of a person is favourable because the blue tone gives peace and comfort. If you work and solve essential matters in the kitchen, decorating it in blue will help improve the quality of intellectual work.

The versatility of the shade

The contemporary blue colour in the kitchen is very versatile. You can create the right atmosphere thanks to its wide range of shades.

The physiological effect is also undeniable, as the classic blue tone helps to reduce pressure and appetite. Interiors in this color are noble and strict, but excessive use of the technique can overshadow the environment, so the main thing is to do what is necessary. Specific descriptions of the temperaments of people most suited to such interiors exist. They are characteristic of people with a restrained character who lead a measured lifestyle or, on the contrary, are engaged in business and hold managerial positions.

The optical characteristics of colour allow you to distance some objects while some surfaces become heavier visually. The right combination of a dark modern blue, and white kitchen set with white countertops and wall cabinets visually increases the space.

Colour is used in various solutions and stylistic directions in the bespoke kitchen. In large quantities, the colour is ideal for rooms whose windows overlook the warm side, creating a feeling of coolness, which is very useful for a hot room.

Varieties of blue colour

Shades of tone are presented in a wide range and suggest the existence of more common colours. For example, some refer to colder navy blue modern tones, while others are considered warmer. It all depends on your decision:

  • Indigo. A rather bold and original way of decorating the walls in watercolour motifs.
  • Sea wave. The colour of the sea wave covers a wide range in the colour gamut, but mostly it is a light blue modern with a greenish tint.
  • Cerulean. A fitted kitchen apron made of decorative tiles with various ornaments and patterns is fascinating.
  • Grayish. Muted modern blue and yellow with a greyish tint is often used in neutral interiors.
  • Blue. The dark blue modern colour adds new accents to the kitchen in blue tones.
  • Turquoise. Turquoise is a relatively popular shade of blue. The modern pink and blue interior looks very fresh and juicy.
    Jeans. The shade of jeans also covers a broad color spectrum. As a vivid example, we can single out muted blue.

Each modern blue and grey shade has an extraordinary power of action at the physiological and psychological levels. Combining several shades in one room can give you a result designed to please you with its originality and irresistibility.

You can choose blue custom-made built-in kitchens according to individual designs right now. The modern blue and gold color will be an excellent addition to the home space and help organize the area with minimal costs for you and your wallet.

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